Friday, September 28, 2012

Belle Domain


                 Tomorrow is my home's 2 Anniversary, with Me! 
I've been a happy homeowner to my first abode the last two years!!  Some may nicely say, I'm a picky girl (I like to say detailed), it's a process finding the right house, as it should be.  Also as someone who works in residential design and real estate this was especially difficult, I wanted the best (the tight budget allowed)!  The road was a challenging one, with ups and downs.  The upsetting news when the cute condo fell through, to the numerous offers and price drops that finally led me to my sweet home.  I always say, "everything happens for a reason"! 

So I seriously stalked the cute ranch on a nice street for weeks, wouldn't you agree?

Well it was the ugliest house on the street but that's the best part!  I was able to make the changes I wanted and see the ugly, over grown house with great bones become a cute, home sweet home! 

Happily after about two months of renovating (I loved every minute of it) my two bathrooms, painting each room, refinishing hardwood floors, and the not so exciting & most costly- a new furnace, new electrical box and giving the kitchen, I like to say- "face lift", it was move in time! Oh and lots of yard work!!

A glimpse at some before and afters, so far;

Small Bathroom~
I seriously thought about keeping Tiffany blue toilet

All New
Main Bathroom~

  Bathroom before- nasty

New paint on walls and tile- yes it can be done,
floor, vanity, toilet, hardware and lighting
Living Room~
Living Room Before, hardwood floors a awesome surprise!
Living room After

very dark, old kitchen before

Kitchen face lift = new door to garage, flooring,
paint, hardware, stainless appliances, and lighting

Exterior Changes~

Major Tree Trimming
                                                          three large trees removed

This summers project, New Patio~

 Patio and garden to the left!

House to be painted a grey/green- Of course!

It was all possible thanks to the generous time/energy of my amazing Dad, talented Uncle, always helping Mom, Aunts and friends, I'm so grateful!!  It's still a work in progress, the new kitchen and basement remodel are two huge projects I look forward to someday! 

Hopefully more professional pictures to come!


all images by Belle Design

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dumpster Diving

Well not me exactly, the germ freak in me- would never! I found this amazing coffee table on top of a full dumpster, in my friends neighbors driveway. Score!!!

We asked if it would be ok to have, he didn't mind, his friend wanted to get ride of it.  He was nice enough to carry it to my friends house.  As he walks over with it on his shoulders he says, " this is a really nice table you know, it's very heavy, solid mahogany, hope your not going to paint it".  My thoughts, "oh no, this guy is going to realizing how sweet this is and watch him want to keep it!".  Luckily that didn't happen. 

My original plan was to paint it, I was thinking an off white tone, for my future basement make over.  However, I love the classic current look so I've decided to keep it the dark stain- so I'll clean, sand, stain and add a glass top, can't wait!  I love the antique Asian style, so excited to enjoy it in my family room soon!! 

love this antique yellow painted style

Have you ever refinished an old piece of furniture?  How did it come out?  Would love to hear any good techniques you may have!

Stay tuned for the finished product :)


images via Belle Design, House Beautiful

Monday, September 24, 2012

Green Please

Everyone who knows me, knows I'm green obsessed!  I've painted my kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls and front door all a shade of green, it has a calming feeling to me.  I always gravitate to the hue not only in home decor, but also with my clothes, emerald jewelry, my car & the list goes on and on. 

Love these images, I could see each in my life~

Door style and color-yes please!
Tory Burch's great style
Alex and Ani bracelets, can never have too many

What your favorite color may say about you...

Green~ color of balance, harmony and growth
Yellow~ mind and intellect, optimistic and cheerful
Red~ energy, passion, and action
Orange~ social communication and optimism
Purple~ imaginative and creative
Blue~ trust, peace and loyalty

What do you think, does your fav color & it's meanings match you?

 for more on what color theory means, link  

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall into Fall

It's officially Fall tomorrow, so excited for all the season has to offer...

Trip to local Big Apple~

Leaves Changing

My Favorite, Pumpkin Pie~

Festive Fall Decor~


Warm fall inspired meals~

I'm so excited to make this pumpkin stuffed shells recipe for a family party this weekend! I absolutely love anything pumpkin, never tried these before, lets hope it's yummy! 

Only fall negative- raking leaves :(

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Newport Love

As I notice the leaves are starting to change and the feel of  crisp mornings approach, I'm so excited for Fall, but I can't help feel a slight sadness summer has ended!  I had a great summer with family and friends and the grand finale was a week in Newport, RI last month with a group of good friends!  Newport is one of my favorite places, I lived there for two summers, my last years in college and fell in love! 

A look at what won me over....

Newport Bridge~

Cliff Walk~

Ocean Drive~


Amazing- Restaurant/ Harbor Views/ Decor
 Newport Vineyards~

 The Ocean, great restaurants, unique shops, beautiful homes/mansions, tons of outdoor activities-what's not to love!!   Summer home some day is high on my wish list!!!

(images via Belle Design-sorry so dark, 41 North)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Belle Nursery Decor

This past weekend I went to my friend's baby shower, it was so nicely done, the type I would like-classic, simple decor and just the right amount of pink, with sweet baby touches.  She received the cutest gifts for the little baby girl to come, so excited for them!  I've seen so many uniquely styled nurseries on pinterest that I thought I'd share my favorites and put together a nursery that would work well for a girl or boy...

love / so me / magical feel

Star ceiling/grasscloth wallpaper/ bold colors!
Great styling- will transition nicely as baby gets older
WOW can this be my room- So Chic!
so cute-love Teddy
so serene
Belle Design Nursery~
100% need an Oval Crib
Jonathan Adler Zebra Rug-Fun
Organize books in a cozy reading nook
would add chalk paint around room under a chair rail
 to allow for creative toddler art 

Fun Colorful Aminal Art

Dwell Boteh-Jade Fabric would be great as Crib Bedding
Dwell Gate-Jade Fabric as Roman Shade- Love!

~ Liz